Keep these important things in mind while charging the phone, the battery will run long

In the festive season, new smartphones are coming in the market. When we go to pick up the phone, we definitely ask for its battery. Battery is very important in the phone. Even after such safe and updated technology, the incidents related to battery and charging keep coming up. Know – Unknowingly, we make some such mistakes, the result of which we have to suffer as a big loss. These things should be kept in mind while charging the battery.

Do not leave phone on charging at night
Some people have the habit of abandoning the phone for charging. But they do not get the steam behind the hidden danger behind it. Please tell that leaving the phone on charging, the battery can overcharge and burst. Also, the performance of the phone also affects.

Use original charger
First of all, it is important to know that companies make a special charger for every phone irrespective of any company. It is often seen that people charge the phone with any charger instead of its original charger and if you do this then be careful. Because it damages both your battery and your phone.

Charge the phone by removing the protective case
If the phone is expensive then its projection will also be strong. Should also be there. But many are seen that people put the phone in charge along with the protective case. If you put the phone on the charge with the case, then the problem of battery overheating can also occur and if it is not removed from charging in time If gone, the battery can also burst. While charging the phone, keep in mind that the protective case of your phone has come out.

Do not use phone while charging from power bank
Many times people use the power bank to charge the phone due to short time and people keep using the phone even during charging. Let me tell you that the performance of this smartphone damages the battery display simultaneously. If you do this too, change your habit immediately.

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