Karlstein – Riddles about siblings (4, 5): Chemistry unit in the house of the dead children

Karlstein (Bavaria) – Specialists in white protective suits at a house in Karlstein in the Lower Franconian district of Aschaffenburg in Bavaria: the police found two dead children here on Monday (January 24, 2022)!

Investigators initially suspected that the boy (5) and his sister (4) had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. After the autopsy, however, the cause of death is still unclear – “therefore further toxicological tests have now been commissioned,” said the police and public prosecutor’s office in Aschaffenburg.

Why did the children have to die? In order to clarify this, experts from the “Analytical Task Force” (ATF) came to the site where the bodies were found.

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The responsible job of these specialists is to identify and combat biological, chemical or radiological hazards in Germany.

“Analytical Task Force” at the house in Karlstein

Photo: 5vision.media

Police spokesman Philipp Hümmer: “After a defect in the heating system could be ruled out according to the current status, officers from the Aschaffenburg criminal police, in close consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, were again on Tuesday to secure evidence in the house on Hanauer Landstrasse. They were also supported by special forces. The results of the investigations are still pending.”

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Mourners have placed flowers and candles in front of the house

Photo: 5vision.media

Background: On Monday, the emergency doctor could only determine the death of the two children, the father (49) was injured in the hospital. The mother was not there, the parents live separately. According to the current state of knowledge, a defect in the heating system can be ruled out, and an accident cannot be ruled out.


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