Kabul / Afghanistan: No Escape! “That’s how it is here in the land of zombies”

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Since the Taliban invaded Kabul like a horde of barbarians, Ali * (22) from Hamburg has been trapped. With him three of his sisters, who are over twelve years old and therefore fair game for the Taliban.

On Thursday, Ali decided, despite the danger, with one of his sisters – only seven years old – to try to get to the airport with his German residence permit. To come back to Germany somehow. The Foreign Office previously wrote that you had to do it on your own – at your own risk.

Stories were also spread on social media that one would be let through with a residence permit. Three Bundeswehr machines are scheduled to land on that day.

Ali was almost arrested at the first of the three Taliban checkpoints on the way to the airport. “You let me go because of my sister,” he writes on WhatsApp.

Ali (22) on the way to the airportPhoto: private

The closer he gets to the north gate of Kabul airport, the worse his internet connection becomes. He sends two voice messages that only contain shots from automatic weapons. Who is shooting there? “US soldiers and the Taliban,” he writes. Then: “A woman and two children would be shot.”

And: “I saw family who had a German passport. No chance. ”-“ Impossible to go in there alive. ”Ali then writes that his sister is trembling and that he wants to turn back. In front of him the Taliban checkpoints again. Danger!

He makes it safely back to his house in Kabul and appt: “There are 2000 people. 80 percent are people who do not have a German passport, residence permit or visa. 20 percent are people like me. We can’t get in there without help. “

The problem: There doesn’t seem to be any help from Germany at the moment. It is different with the French. They are currently bringing citizens to the airport secured by elite soldiers.

Chat messages from Ali on Thursday - there he is at Kabul airport

Chat messages from Ali on Thursday. At this point he is at Kabul airportPhoto: private

Armed Taliban control the city

Armed Taliban control the cityPhoto: private

BILD is in contact with several German citizens who also tried in vain to get into the airport.

The last thing Isaa (25), a student teacher from Hessen, sent for some time was a voice message. He shouted desperately: “We’re dying, my family is gone, my sister is gone.”

Then there was a long silence.

Finally he wrote: “We are together again. Today people died before us. They were lying on the floor with gunshot wounds. Nobody helped them. “

Ali sent this card from the airport.  At the red arrows, the north gate, there is sharp shooting

Ali sent this card from the airport. At the red arrows, the north gate, there is sharp shootingPhoto: private

So the hamburger landed back in Afghanistan

Ali fled to Germany with two brothers through eleven countries in 2015 because his father, a successful businessman from the Shiite Hazara minority, was blackmailed by the Sunni Taliban. The father and mother later tried to flee to Iran with six other siblings, but were deported to Afghanistan.

The family then left their home region around Kunduz, which was terrorized by the Taliban, and fled to Kabul, which was still relatively safe.

When Ali’s parents recently became seriously ill with Corona, he didn’t want to let them down. He took time off, bought a return ticket from Turkish Airlines and landed in the Afghan capital on July 26th.

He will no longer be able to take his return flight to Hamburg on August 26th.

Ali has a “residence permit” for Germany and has been granted “subsidiary protection”. This means that, according to the German authorities, he could face “serious harm” when he returns home. When his parents fell ill, he decided to accept the damage. He would never have thought that the Islamists would overrun the capital so quickly.

Until recently, the US government assumed, at least officially, that it would take the Taliban many more months to take Kabul.

Ali in an apartment in Kabul where he is hiding with his family

Ali in an apartment in Kabul where he is hiding with his familyPhoto: private

“We can be recognized immediately as Hazara with our Asian appearance,” said Ali on WhatsApp before attempting to leave the country. “But nobody thought that the Taliban would come to Kabul so quickly, otherwise I would never have got on the plane.”

Ali trained as a retail salesman in Germany, worked in a gas station in Hamburg, his German is almost perfect. He hasn’t taken to the streets since trying to get through to the airport. The situation is particularly bad for his sisters.

The Taliban and the “Jihad-al-Nikah”

“The Taliban go from apartment to apartment. They take girls from the age of twelve with them. They call it ‘Jihad-al-Nikah’, Halal women for the Mujahedin. Each of them can have two or three wives, ”explains Ali. Often these “marriages” are also limited in time and are only intended to strengthen the “morale of the fighters”. In other words, it is brutal rapes.

A Taliban in traffic in Kabul

A Taliban in traffic in KabulPhoto: private

For two years Ali has been trying to get an appointment for a family reunification through the German embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan – in vain. “We’re all in danger, I don’t know what to do. I have goosebumps, my heart is bleeding, ”he says. “That’s the way it is here in the land of zombies.”

* Name changed for your safety


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