JVA Kleve: The cruel fire death of Amed A.

Düsseldorf – He was the victim of a still incomprehensible mix-up with a dark-skinned criminal from Mali, spent a month and a half wrongly in the Kleve prison – and died of the terrible injuries caused by a cell fire he had set himself: Syrian refugee Amed A. († 26).

On Tuesday, experts in the parliamentary committee of inquiry of the state parliament tried to reconstruct the horror that took place behind the door of cell 143 on September 17, 2018.

► According to forensic doctor Peter G. (53), Amed A. started the fire in the cell that was smoldering and smoldering shortly after 7 p.m. by opening the window at 7:19 p.m. The appraiser: “The air supply accelerated the fire, as if you were pouring gasoline into the fire.”

To open the window in such a situation is humanly understandable, the Syrian noticed that he was in a life-threatening situation. At this time, Amed A. also pressed the alarm button in the completely smoky cell, but help didn’t come until 7.23 p.m.

Did Amed A. only want to draw attention to his desperate situation by igniting his mattress and then lost control? In any case, suicides by fire death are considered rather rare, said expert Peter G. in the state parliament.

► The temperature on the cell ceiling was around 300 degrees at the end, but at a height of 50 centimeters above the floor it was probably well below 200 degrees. Amed A. must have huddled there because the concentration of the poisonous was “relatively low” near the ground. However, there was only a massive outbreak of fire when the window was opened.

Amed A. died of multiple organ failure twelve days after the fire; a large part of his body was burned. The attempt to artificially “bridge” his damaged lungs so that they could recover from smoke inhalation failed.


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