Jubilant, dark, captivating: the cinema releases on June 16

♦ The 2 Alfred ***

by Bruno Podalydès

French film, 1 h 32

A trio of fifties in the process of expiring on the labor market will unite to triumph over the ruthless world of start-ups and uberization. A tender and jubilant comedy to which Bruno Podalydès brings all the richness of his poetic universe.

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Night doctor ***

Elie Wajeman

French film, 1 h 22

The director ofAlyah and Anarchists follows throughout a night a doctor caught between his social vocation and the excesses of his cousin, with Vincent Macaigne at the top of his game.

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♦ Sound of Metal ***

by Darius Marder

American-Belgian film, 2:10 a.m.

Awarded for its work on sound with an Oscar and a Bafta, this moving film immerses itself in the feelings of a musician whose hearing deteriorates.

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The Cloud ***

by Just Philippot

French film, 1 h 40

BetweenLittle FarmerHubert Charuel and The birds Alfred Hitchcock, Just Philippot mixes, in a first remarkable work, the rural drama with the genre film to evoke the disturbances of contemporary agriculture. Creepy.

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5e set ***

by Quentin Reynaud

French film, 1 h 53

Carried by Alex Lutz, with the exceptional interpretation, this film paints the intimate portrait of an old professional tennis player who never broke through.

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Sixteen springs *

by Suzanne Lindon

French film, 1 h 14

Written at 15 and directed at 19, Suzanne Lindon’s first film subtly and gracefully captures the first emotions of a young girl who falls in love with an older man, but the story remains too tenuous to convince.

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♦ Josée, the tiger and the fish *

by Kotaro Tomura

Japanese animated film, 1:38

Screened on Monday June 14 at the opening of the Annecy Animated Film Festival, before hitting theaters on Wednesday June 16, this romance between a young disabled girl and her nurse, a broke student, is, despite its endearing characters, too sentimentalist to move.

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