Johnson Is Considering New Measures: Will Lockdown Coming In Britain?

So is the next country coming after France and Germany?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering a new strict partial lockdown in England in the fight against the corona pandemic. The Times newspaper reported that Johnson would announce the new corona measures in a press conference on Monday. Accordingly, everything should be closed – apart from vital shops and educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens and universities.

The new restrictions could apply from Wednesday through December 1st. The Times quoted a high-ranking government source that the measures had been discussed but a final decision had not yet been made.

Every part of the country in Great Britain with its almost 67 million inhabitants decides on its own measures in the Corona crisis. So far, Johnson had opposed calls for the reintroduction of nationwide corona measures. Now, however, in view of the skyrocketing number of cases, concerns are growing that the hospitals could be overloaded.

By the end of last week, around 570,000 people in England had been infected with the corona virus. In the past week, the number of deaths averaged 230 per day. Johnson had introduced a three-tier system for England in mid-October, in which differently strict measures apply depending on the tier. In several regions in the north, pubs and bars have had to partially close, and meetings between different households are prohibited.

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Critics described his approach as inadequate. The scientific advisory board Sage had recommended the government a nationwide lockdown weeks ago.


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