Joe Biden tackles “big business”: here the money!

Faced with Joe Biden’s offensive, Republicans and “big business” are united. Everywhere, from the benches of the Senate to the cameras of the CNBC channel through the columns of the “Wall Street Journal”, bosses and right-wing politicians follow one another to denounce it …

Just kidding! We’re kidding ! None of this is happening, since Biden announced plans to tax companies more to fund his giant infrastructure investment plan. On the contrary: between the Republican Party and the business lobby, there is water in the gas. A big bug in the software.

On the Wall Street side, it is Jamie Dimon, the all-powerful boss of JP Morgan, who draws a 65-page letter to shareholders, in which he asks the richest to “Keep in mind that if tax revenues improve our society and our economy, the same individuals will, in fact, be among the main beneficiaries.”

“Taxes will have to increase, Dimon insists, but if people think their money is going to the poor and disadvantaged, they will be much more willing to pay more. “

“Stupid” companies

On the Senate side, it’s just as much the world upside down. What does Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans say? That the big corporations which meddle in politics are “Stupid” and that they will suffer “Serious consequences if they become a vehicle in the service of the far-left populace for fa

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