Joco juice conquers young consumers

Creatively combining natural ingredients, adding toppings for a pleasurable drinking experience, and produced on modern production lines… helps Joco score points with young consumers.

Natural ingredients, added toppings

With a variety of beverage products on the market today, users can easily find products that match their personal preferences. In particular, the product lines derived from nature are increasingly popular because of the ingredients that bring many benefits to users’ health.

After a period of investment in market research and consumer tastes, at the end of 2019, Uniben introduced Joco fruit drink from natural ingredients such as passion fruit, aloe vera, litchi, coconut jelly…

Three flavors of Joco juice. Image: Uniben

Currently, drinks with topping have become a trend and are almost an indispensable part of young people’s enjoyment. Understanding this, Joco has added a topping to bring an interesting drinking experience to the diners. Products with ingredients from fresh natural fruit juice mixed with crispy crunchy topping are a unique highlight that makes young people excited.

Various, creative flavors

Joco juice currently has three flavors: lychee coconut jelly, aloe vera and passion fruit to help young people have more choices and experience many new flavors.

Each taste of Joco has its own characteristics, suitable for the needs, interests and personality of each young person. Joco aloe vera with sweet and sour apple juice and refreshing aloe vera jelly is considered by many young consumers to have a modern spirit. Joco juice sweet and sour passion fruit added vitamin C to help bright skin, youthful physique. Lychee is a typical fruit of the North, creatively combined with coconut jelly, a popular snack of the South, to create Joco lychee coconut juice with a mild fragrance and sweet taste.

Coconut jelly lychee, the most loved flavor of Joco juice.  Photo: Uniben

Coconut jelly lychee, the most loved flavor of Joco juice. Image: Uniben

Closed production process

As a trademark of Uniben Joint Stock Company – a big name in Vietnam’s food and beverage industry, Joco is manufactured on a closed line, imported from Europe at its modern factories. taste. The product undergoes a closed production process and is bottled for convenient use. Drinkers can easily carry the product, enjoy it wherever and whenever they want.

Joco is commented by many people to be more delicious when drunk cold, can be chilled or added with ice, bringing a cool and refreshing feeling.

“The hot summer weather will inevitably make you lack of vitality. Joco juice made from natural ingredients will help you regain your energy and spirit to be active in the summer day. “, the brand representative confirmed.

Diep Chi

In 2022, Uniben celebrates its 30th anniversary. As the leading food company in Vietnam, Uniben owns 3 modern European-standard factories, with the brands 3 Mien, Reeva, Boncha, Joco and Abben. In which, 3 Mien noodles with rich juice is the brand chosen by Vietnamese consumers to buy the most. Reeva is a premium noodle brand with 100% fresh ingredients. Boncha honey tea is made from 100% pure honey and whole leaf green tea. Joco juice with crunchy, crunchy fresh fruit pieces. Abben is an energy drink brand with the positioning “The best energy standard, creating precision in every action”.


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