Jewel theft in Dresden: Another member of the Remmo clan arrested

Dresden – Another arrest in connection with the spectacular jewel theft in the Green Vault. Surprisingly, a sixth suspect was arrested in Berlin on Thursday! So far, the investigators always spoke of five.

According to BILD information, the arrested Ahmed R. (23) is a suspected member of the Remmo clan. The other alleged perpetrators in custody are also said to belong to the clan with Arab roots.

The 23-year-old was arrested at around 9 a.m. by the Dresden police in an apartment in Berlin-Treptow. 24 officials who had traveled from the Saxon capital were involved in the operation. A mobile phone was seized as part of the search of the apartment.

Photo: BILD

Ahmed R. is to be brought before the investigating judge in Dresden on Thursday, according to investigators he should have been involved in the break-in into the Green Vault. The search for the stolen million dollar treasure continues.

The robbery of jewels in the Green Vault

On November 25, 2019, the Remmo twins, together with three accomplices who had already been arrested, are said to have broken into the historical part of the Dresden Treasury Museum Green Vault and stole jewelery there. The stolen pieces are priceless.

The diamond rose set, the diamond set as well as the diamond jewelry and the pearls of the queens (around 100 individual pieces) were stored in the destroyed showcase.

About a year later, four suspects were urgently caught in two raids. Each of them is charged with aggravated gang theft and arson. They all belong to the Remmo clan.


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