Jewel robbery Dresden: BKA target investigators attach themselves to the heels of the Remmo twins

The 21-year-old twin brothers Mohamed and Abdul Majed Remmo have been on the run for a week. The alleged jewel thieves from the Green Vault went through the rags of the investigators in a huge raid with over 1,600 officials in Berlin.

Berlin – 67 clues have so far been received about the two clan members. “There are currently no clues as to where the two fugitives are,” said a spokesman for the Dresden public prosecutor on Monday morning. The manhunt continues at full speed. Now the BKA’s target investigators have joined the ranks of the hunters.

The key to success could be the close cooperation between Saxony’s police, Berlin clan investigators and target investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Internally, the latter are considered extremely successful in the search for people who have been posted for arrest – and are also well connected at home and abroad.

Actually, the Remmo clan is “well lit”, says a Berlin investigator to the “ Tagesspiegel “. The officers know a lot of details about the individual members of the extended criminal family. The members themselves provide the opportunity to do this again and again by behaving conspicuously and attracting attention through criminal acts. Officials can observe them again and again and search the apartments.

Heavily armed police officers in the raid last Tuesday in Berlin

Photo: Annette Riedl / dpa

“Experience has shown that suspects who have their center of life in a city cannot go underground forever,” Carsten Milius from the Association of German Detectives told the newspaper. The twins we are looking for have German citizenship and live in Berlin. However, they would benefit from a network of “police experienced family and clan members” and would also be protected by it.

► The Remmos family network extends to Beirut in Lebanon, where many relatives live. In addition, it is likely that the extended family also has contacts to Jordan and Turkey, writes the “Tagesspiegel”.

But: the BKA can also send its target investigators abroad. The officials have caught many a criminal who felt safe far away from Germany. Your arm reaches far …

If the suspicion that the twins fled abroad is confirmed, the local authorities will be contacted by the German investigators. The embassy will also be informed. The Ministry of Justice must then assist in soliciting legal aid in the respective country, because only the local authorities can arrest suspects.

Whether the Remmo twins would then be extradited to Germany is often a matter of discretion for the respective country. Germany maintains good diplomatic relations with all three countries, but according to the Tagesspiegel there is at least no extradition traffic with the government in Beirut.

The authorities see that the two Remmo brothers were able to flee “according to previous assessments, there are no concrete indications” of operational deficits. “The simultaneous arrest of all five urgent suspects, which is envisaged in the deployment concept, could not be realized,” they explained in their statement on the BILD disclosure about mishaps during the arrest of the alleged perpetrators.

“The movement behavior of the target persons could only be predicted to a very limited extent,” the statement said. The development of the mission was correspondingly dynamic.

During the major raid last Tuesday with over 1,600 officers in 18 objects, three Remmo family members were arrested. The two young brothers were able to escape and are now wanted to be searched internationally.

The twins, together with the three accomplices who had already been arrested, are said to have broken into the historical part of the Dresden treasury museum Grünes Gewölbe on November 25, 2019, where they stole valuable jewelery.


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