Jasmin has six children and …: … a very unusual hobby!

Loxstedt (Lower Saxony) – She holds the small body tenderly in her arms, lovingly takes care of … yes, what actually …?

What looks like a human baby is actually a lifelike looking doll. And Jasmin Karl (41) collects them out of passion!

Jasmin Karl lovingly holds her baby doll in her arms

Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa

She sits at the dining table with her daughter Finja (11) for hours and breathes a kind of life into the dolls. They have already assembled two dozen babies and placed them decoratively in the house.

It all started a good three years ago. Jasmin Karl: “I discovered the kits for the dolls on the Internet. Since then I have put it together one by one and put glass eyes, hair, eyelashes, umbilical cord and rosy color on my face, arms and legs. ”The utensils also include an oil that should smell like baby skin. The doll mum: “This makes everything even more realistic.” Otherwise everything is quite simple: the heart is battery-operated, the body is filled with cotton wool and granules.

Teaser picture

Cute or scary? The reborn babies are available from 40 euros

Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa

And how does such an extraordinary hobby come about? “It’s not about child replacement. I have six children – the oldest is 20, the youngest seven. I’ve always been fascinated by dolls, ”says mom.

A friend once said to her that she was “freaky”. But Jasmin makes it clear: “There are reborn fans who z. B. go for a walk with your dolls in the stroller, put them to sleep in the evenings in the dolls room. I’m out of there. I leave the games to my younger daughters. “


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