Japan: Yakuza boss Satoru Nomura (74) sentenced to death

Blood is said to be stuck to his hands, so Satoru Nomura (74) has to die.

A court in Japan found it proven that the Yakuza boss had commissioned a murder. Three other people are said to have been seriously injured on his orders.

While still in court, the gangster threatened the judge, saying: “All I wanted was a fair verdict. You will regret it for the rest of your life! “

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Members of the yakuza present their full body tattoos Photo: Flickr Vision

Satoru Nomura is considered to be the head of the Yakuza group Kudo-kai, who do business in the region around Fukuoka. During the process, the 74-year-old denied all of the allegations made against him.

According to the court, in 1998 Satoru Nomura ordered the shooting of a union boss who refused to cooperate with the yakuza. A relative of the murder victim is also said to have been injured because of him. In 2013 the mafiosi attacked a nurse with a knife. She had worked in the hospital where Nomura had been treated. The fourth and final allegation, which the court found proven, is shooting at a police officer in the name of Satoru Nomura.

According to Japanese media reports, the evidence was not beyond doubt. Nevertheless, the 74-year-old was sentenced to death. Such a sentence is carried out in Japan by hanging. Satoru Nomura’s deputy, Fumio Tanoue, was sentenced to life imprisonment

The yakuza is the Japanese mafia. The organization’s roots go back to the beginning of the 17th century in the gambling business. The criminal syndicate is divided into different, partly hostile groups and today also earns its money with drug trafficking, prostitution and extortion of protection money.

The yakuza was tolerated in Japan for a long time; it was not until the 1990s that the state took up the fight against the members, who often had large tattoos.


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