Jail after Poser photo: Police let professional burglars go up

Thumbs up for jail!

Oberhausen/Mülheim (NRW) – Two professional burglars pose for the camera. One of them presents a gold chain that he has casually slung over his shoulder.

A total of six perpetrators were arrested, three from Mülheim (20, 44, 49) and three from Oberhausen (19, 26, 28) – all are in custody! In addition, the investigators were able to secure a five-figure sum of cash, watches, jewelry and electronic devices.

The two gangs are believed to be responsible for a three-digit number of home burglaries with a total of six-figure loot. There are said to be 60 cases in the vicinity of Oberhausen alone.

The police and prosecutors had been working closely together since the beginning of the year. Due to similarities between burglary acts, cross-connections could be identified, which led to extensive undercover investigations. The findings as well as traces and tips from the population finally led to the perpetrators.

Professional perpetrators sold loot abroad

While one group was mainly active in Bottrop, Duisburg, Dinslaken, Mülheim and Oberhausen, the other made booty in a larger radius as far as Düsseldorf and Neuss. Some of it was then sent abroad.

“These were highly professional perpetrators. They sometimes worked with up to fifteen different personal details and had also registered vehicles with license plates,” said Chief Inspector Alexander Imre, head of the investigative commission.

Curious: the photo was also discovered in the possession of one of the perpetrators. The gold chain from the loot has already been returned to the rightful owner.


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