Jackass star Sean McInerney bitten in the hand in a stunt by a shark

This stupid act did not go off without an injured person.

During a stunt by the US company Jackass, one of the protagonists was bitten by a shark.

The crazy idea: Jackass star Sean McInerney was supposed to wakeboard in a body of water full of sharks – for “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel.

At first everything went well: McInerney (nickname “Poopies”) drove over the sharks. But then the group went one better: The TV star drove over a ramp – and did not make the landing.

▶ ︎ McInerney fell off his board, was then mistaken for prey by one of the animals and attacked.

His colleagues reacted quickly, pulled him out of the water and provided McInerney with medical care.

The shark had bitten deep into his hand. Jackass star Steve-O said: “He would be fucking dead if they hadn’t popped on him as quickly as they did. Jesus, he was torn apart by a shark … for a ‘Shark Week’ episode. “

For those who do not know “Jackass”: A group of men, identified as professionals, sometimes perform dangerous stunts. Every now and then it leads to nasty injuries. Broken bones are not uncommon. The goal: laughter through glee …

McInerney commented on the incident rather dryly, saying: “I definitely got a degree in shark studies there.”

The Jackass star continued: “I knew there was a chance I would be bitten by a shark, but I didn’t think it would happen. I don’t blame the sharks at all. I mean, I was in her living room and it was dinner time. “


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