Ithaque Médical: supporting, guiding and advising healthcare stakeholders

For 5 years, Ithaque Médical has positioned itself as the compass guiding healthcare professionals towards the work environment best suited to their needs. Thanks to its unique approach, the firm offers a 360-degree vision to offer solutions specific to each professional situation in a rapidly changing sector.

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Just like Ulysses seeking to reach his island of Ithaca, healthcare professionals are more than ever looking for a work environment where the best of themselves can be expressed. A real Odyssey is shaping up for each of them, requiring the help of an expert, bringing solutions and concrete leads: to meet new possibilities!

A revolution in health linked to several factors

The world of Health has entered what is no longer just a mutation, but a real revolution. Indeed, forced to note that for the last 20 years the health sector has seen successive reforms: T2A, HPST, law of modernization (telemedicine), PTS, my health 2022….

In this context, the motivations of doctors have indeed changed. They now pay great attention to their work-life balance, in a search for tailor-made planning, not to say “à la carte”. The entire organization of services is marked by a difficulty for the directorates to cover on-call duty and on-call duty, more and more often having temporary physicians as their sole recourse.

At the forefront of the emergence of jobs in tension, the medical sector encounters real problems between the necessary collective organizations and individual motivations, the feminization of the profession accentuating this phenomenon.

Recruitment is no longer just a question of match between a structure and an application, but a permanent thought of the organization of working time, of certain specialties to allow this meeting, this moral contract, beyond the contract of job.

In this context, too, the quality of the work becomes an essential criterion. In this regard, the entire organization is called upon to allow the distribution of the workload.

Finally, the question of meaning is increasingly posed by nursing staff and which has led for ten years to a major movement of the public towards what the Montaigne Institute calls “the invisible hospital”: the ESPICs ( Private Health Establishment of Collective Interest). This movement reflects the search for a greater meaning of tasks, for organizational flexibility, for agility in decisions. In these structures, we understood that the organization is not only budgetary, but that it is a living organism where we are in our place. These agile and visionary institutions have weathered the COVID crisis better, but paradoxically remained invisible during the Ségur de la santé!

Because this COVID crisis has accentuated the shock wave that had been the 35 hours in the hospital. The equation of working time and organization, unresolved for 20 years, was put to the test during the pandemic. What was crying has become critical. Ithaque Medical at the end of the first wave of COVID has seen a number of doctors apply to the office and declare that they are now turning to new balances in the management of this time and the tension of the missions.

The medical recruitment firm must respond daily in recent months, in its mission of matching structures and candidates: how our health system could respond tomorrow to all these challenges, when it can no longer face those of today?

It is in this demanding and constraining context of fundamental transformation that Ithaque Médical and, more broadly, Ithaque Compagnie, has been supporting these developments for many years, paying particular attention to healthcare players.

Ithaque Médical: supporting, guiding and advising healthcare stakeholders

Ithaque Médical: supporting, guiding and advising healthcare stakeholders Ithaca Medical

Covid-19: the spark of the health revolution

The global pandemic has only heightened the new expectations of health professionals. This situation of constant urgency has not improved the situation. The bleeding from the paramedics continues and the discomfort of the doctors is increasing day by day. The virus has also brought with it its share of changes; it democratized teleconsultation, teleworking, as well as artificial intelligence.

AI is a game changer. By replacing certain actions of the doctor, it tends to transform the practitioner into a hyper expert, pushing him to have greater mobility between specialties. Teleconsultation, which was a major issue in the last Ségur de la Santé, increased requests for full time to 4 days with the possibility of teleworking. Now, tools exist to succeed in achieving the much sought-after work-life balance.

Getting to know each other better in order to make the right choice

Contrary to popular belief, the upgrading of the medical professions will not only go through an increase in salaries, but through a good orientation in the balance of expectations. Ithaque Médical has understood this well: the firm is a partner of choice for healthcare professionals wishing to find professional fulfillment. When a person pushes the door of Ithaca Medical, interlocutors speak to him as equals and try to understand his situation as well as possible.

Ithaque Médical’s expertise falls within 6 major directions around career recruitment, evaluation, coaching, psychological support and seminars on leadership, project management and team cohesion.

By offering tailor-made services, Ithaque Médical offers healthcare professionals the best possible professional guidance, one that they often had not considered. One of the most telling examples is that of an oncologist who became a recruiter for the practice.


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