Italy: Man saves three children from drowning – and dies in the process

Fernando Porcu died a hero!

The 60-year-old saved three children – including his 13-year-old daughter – from drowning. Shortly afterwards, the Italian apparently suffered a heart attack and died. The tragic story took place in Sardinia.

According to Italian media reports, Fernando Porcu had an appointment with his little daughter and two of her friends on the beach after his work was over. Despite the warning, the children went into the water on the coast of Gutturu Flamini (in the southwest of the island). This was stormy.

While Fernando Porcu was talking to some friends on the deserted beach, he suddenly heard the three girls screaming at around 2:30 p.m. on Friday. These were torn away by the waves and threatened to drown.

The Italian did not hesitate and plunged into the water. In fact, Fernando Porcu managed to pull the three children out of the water.

Then the drama: stress, fear for his child and physical exertion apparently led to a heart attack. The triple lifesaver collapsed. A summoned ambulance could do nothing more for the hero.

The children have been examined by a doctor, but are not in critical condition.


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