Italy: Dentist wants to deal with silicone arm corona vaccination

This Italian thought he had an ace up his sleeve but ended up looking pretty stupid …

Guido Russo (57) from Biella (Italy) wanted a vaccination certificate without having to give himself an injection. His brazen solution: the dentist appeared at the vaccination center on Thursday with a silicone arm. But instead of a certificate, he now has a fraud complaint.

Russo’s silicone costume even extended up to the chest so that it is not exposed when the sleeve is rolled up.

In his fraudulent plan, however, the dentist had forgotten that the silicone arm was missing an important detail: “I couldn’t find a vein in the arm,” said vaccination assistant Filippa Bua (60) of the newspaper “La Stampa”.

The nurse was also suspicious of the color of the silicone arm. When Bua asked him to uncover his upper body, Russo’s brazen scam was exposed.

But even then he did not give up, but pleaded with the helper to put the syringe in the silicone arm anyway. Because: Russo needs the vaccination certificate (called the green passport in Italy) in order to be able to operate his dental practice. It is tight because Russo had previously opposed the compulsory vaccination for medical staff.

But instead of helping the dentist with his vaccination fraud, Bua preferred to call the police. They are now investigating. Practical: he has already given his name and address to the officer on the registration slip.


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