It starts on December 27th! – Vaccine has arrived in Hamburg

Hamburg – Big news on Boxing Day! The first doses of the corona vaccine arrived in Hamburg on Saturday. It should start on Sunday!

It is nearly time!

The first Hamburg residents are to be vaccinated against the corona virus on Sunday. According to the Senate, the residents and staff of the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist nursing facility in the Hamburg district of Poppenbüttel will be vaccinated first. Mobile teams should carry out the vaccination on site.

Before that happens, the vaccine from Mainz-based company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer will be stored in a secret location.

According to Biontech’s planning documents, the Hamburgers currently have around 9750 vaccination doses available. 4875 more units are to be delivered on Monday, a further 14 625 units per week in the coming days. The planning goal: by the end of the year, Hamburg should have around 29,500 vaccination doses. For the vaccination of the residents and the staff of care facilities, the health authority reckons with a need of around 30,000 applications.

Tens of thousands of cans will be distributed to a total of 27 locations nationwide this Saturday.


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