It is a mistake when parents dress neatly in front of their children

Former Hong Kong beauty Ly Gia Han recently caused a wave of controversy when she went to the supermarket with her son in a penetrating suit, revealing the entire inner underwear.

This outfit made her bear many unfriendly eyes. Some viewers commented on the QQ page: “If she goes to an entertainment event, it’s okay, but taking her out to play dressed like that is not suitable at all.”

Ly Gia Han’s “penetrating” outfit when going to the supermarket with her son was criticized by many people. Image: QQ.

One QQ reader shared a similar story: In the morning, when she woke up, she found it late. She frantically sent her children to school but could not comb her mind, change into pajamas. As she walked out onto the street, many gazes followed her making her baby in the back of the car start to shy. At the school gate, before the gazes of many people, the child rushed inside without greeting her mother. At night, the boy puffed out saying that because his mother wore that, his friends teased him, embarrassing him.

Sometimes because of busy, because “easygoing”, many parents completely do not pay attention to dress when on the street, even when having a companion. However, the parent forgets that a parent’s image cannot be separated from the child’s future.

Scientific studies have shown that the most intuitive sense of children about the world is their parents. In the early stages of a child’s mental development, parents’ attitudes towards the world around them will gradually influence children’s perception of the world and themselves. Therefore, if the parents are sloppy, indiscriminate in dress, the child will also form a similar living prostitute.

What we are talking about has nothing to do with fashion, it’s just the right way of dressing. Requirements for cleanliness, neatness are not redundant, it is completely different from makeup, elaborate, expensive dress. Children’s worldview is inherently simple, they do not understand the concept of money of their parents. Children themselves cannot tell whether the clothes their parents wear are branded or popular, expensive or cheap, they can only judge their parents to be well-dressed, or messy, indiscriminate.

Famous Chinese host Yang Lan once told her one experience: she came to England to participate in an audition. However, she failed because she was not appreciated for the way she dressed. In the evening, she put on her pajamas, her sneakers on a cafe, and then she cried. A well-dressed middle-aged woman came over and handed her a piece of paper that read: “The restroom is back, left.” When she entered the WC and looked at herself in the mirror, she felt unable to accept her appearance. Feeling embarrassed to herself, she adjusted her hair, then turned back to the table. A piece of paper was left for her with the words: “To be a woman, always be beautiful, that is also the dignity of a woman”. Later, absorbed in the advice of that woman, Duong Lan was always neat and polite on the street. Dressing appropriately, she said, is not only about respecting others, but also respecting yourself.

Choosing the right outfit when on the road is extremely important. For example, when we see a person wandering the roadside, they are torn and dirty, we naturally won’t have a good impression. Likewise, when a child sees a neat and well-groomed mother come to pick her up, the child’s confidence and pride will manifest. On the contrary, if your child sees a sloppy mother come to pick you up, you will feel inferior and embarrassed with friends.

Writer Francis Beaumont in his book wrote: “What you wear is a portrait of your soul”. When you dress neatly and neatly, your daughter will see you as a great role model in life and learn from her mother’s charm and confidence. The son will also look for an equally good partner based on his mother’s role model.

When you appear beside your child with a well-groomed and decent image, you help them win the closeness and recognition of others. It is also the best opportunity for parents to give their children confidence and set an example.

Of course, we shouldn’t spend too much time taking care of our looks, as long as you feel like you look good.

Thuy Linh (According to QQ)


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