Is the autopilot to blame? | Tesla crashes into building at 100 km/h

Source: Greater Clumbus Convention Center

Here a Tesla crashes into a building without braking. Apparently the car’s brakes failed. At least that’s what the man behind the wheel, a taxi driver, claims. With his Tesla Model S he chased through downtown Columbus in the USA at over 100 km/h. Loses control, crashing through flower pots down the stairs through the glass front of the building. The spectacular accident raises a lot of questions. In the middle of the city center only 50 is allowed, but the taxi runs through a red traffic light at twice the speed, just missing cars and buses. According to witnesses, there are no brake lights. There is also speculation as to whether the driver of the Tesla might have switched on the autopilot? The 63-year-old man himself testified that he lost control of the accelerator and brake pedals at around 100 km/h. It is also unclear why the authorities are not investigating the incident further. One thing is certain: Fortunately, there were no uninvolved injuries, only the driver had to be treated briefly in the hospital. And: the building suffered property damage of over a quarter of a million dollars, who bears the costs – the driver, the insurance, Tesla – is currently completely unclear.


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