Is it really just a boom? That’s why Hansa is up there

Hansa is the team of the year 2021 in the 3rd division, as the only team still unbeaten. Wages: meanwhile nine points ahead of non-promotion place four.

But what is it that makes Rostock so strong at the moment?

Known: There has been a lot in the last few weeks happiness at the same time – victories in stoppage time, great opportunities given by the opponents. Coach Jens Härtel (51): “Luck is part of it, we had a little more in the last few games – that’s for sure. But it wasn’t just luck (in the 3-0 win at Türkgücü, d. Ed.). The standard situation was almost as planned, there were nice goals. “Especially since coach ace Hermann Gerland stated:” Always luck is ability … “

What else speaks for Hansa:

Of the balanced squad. Most recently in Munich, Härtel had to do without a total of nine players. But at least since the four follow-up commitments in winter, Hansa has been consistently balanced. If top striker Verhoek fails, Breier hits. In Munich, goal scorer Farrona Pulido went off, substitute Omladic also scored, after the presentation of the also substituted Herzog. Midfielder Bentley Baxter Bahn (28): “A huge compliment. We are a great group, everyone fights for everyone. “

In addition the Defensive power: When Hansa led 1-0, they always (!) Won – nine times already. Härtel: “We are able to fight if we lead, to take one step more, defensively totally stable. Most of the time we don’t allow counterattacks. That is also a quality. “

The tomorrow (2 p.m.) against Halle should bring the tenth unbeaten game.


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