Is carpooling conducive to contamination? Jean Castex’s little phrase that annoys

I am stunned by what the Prime Minister said, sighs Olivier Binet, co-founder and CEO of Karos, the first carpooling platform for commuting. In question, the sentence of Jean Castex, during his last conference devoted to Covid-19:

Using public transport is less risky than carpooling. For a simple reason: wearing a mask is much better respected in subways and trains than in personal vehicles.

A judgment very damaging for practice, even though the mobility orientation law, which entered into force in December 2019, intends to promote carpooling, with a target of 3 million daily trips made in this way by 2024. This is equivalent to reducing the number of cars on the road by 1 million each day and reducing daily CO2 emissions by 7,800 tonnes, equivalent to 2.8 million days of heating a 50 m apartment.², insists the Ministry of Ecology.

It’s terrible for the sector, deplores Olivier Binet. If our large community of users, including AP-HP caregivers, is not worried by this nonsense, it may make it more difficult to evangelize the

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