Is beauty good or bad?

Possessing an attractive appearance makes many girls jealous, having trouble in work and life.

Sharing on her personal page, Aniola Fabemi, from Chicago, USA says she always gets free drinks, free taxi rides, free surfing lessons, tickets to the Lollapalooza music festival worth 500 USD, without responding. The clip quickly went viral and attracted hundreds of thousands of comments.

Many others also started sharing videos about the “pretty privilege”. Most of them said that they received free gifts, enjoyed more privileges because of their good looks and faces.

Mermaid Keels, 25, from Kentucky, USA, said she enjoyed “beautiful privilege” from losing from 116 kg to nearly 70 kg. “Those perks could be drinks, free desserts. Or someone actively helping to inflate the tires, instead of just watching when I weigh 116 kg,” she said.

Thanks to their beauty, the girls receive countless generous incentives. Illustrations: Areomagazine

For a long time, “beautiful privilege” has been tacitly acknowledged to bring benefits socially, emotionally, academically, and even professionally.

Psychotherapist Lucy Beresford, said that many studies have shown that people respond positively to standards of beauty, such as having a tall, white body, a fit body, a face. beautiful and somewhat biased.

For example, a 2015 report found that physically attractive workers earn 15% more than those deemed unattractive. Or a 2016 study found that female students with good looks were more likely to score higher than those with normal faces.

But beauty is not always beneficial. Many people are envied, harmed and have many problems in work and life.

Allii, a TikTok user, said that beauty always comes with many potential dangers. According to Allii, being too beautiful makes dating and making friends difficult when not knowing who is really good. “Sometimes other girls see you as a competitor. They want you to fail and isolate. That makes pretty people lonely and ostracized,” she said.

Medeline Ford, another user, also said that women who enjoy the “prerogative of being beautiful” still have to work hard if they want to be successful. She said men with normal looks can receive the same favor as women, who still have to take time to take care of their appearance.

“Beauty is the price we pay to survive,” says Medeline. Therefore, many people have refused this privilege, thinking that beauty is a disadvantage. What makes them the focus of scrutiny, bullying and sexual assault. Not to mention, getting promoted or getting good grades at work is also prone to skepticism.

Sometimes beautiful privilege becomes a double-edged sword, putting young girls in danger.  Artwork: Look Studio/Shutterstock

Sometimes “beautiful privilege” becomes a double-edged sword, putting young girls in danger. Illustrations: Look Studio/Shutterstock

So instead of trying to be beautiful, focusing on buying clothes and makeup, girls need to be properly aware of “pretty privilege” and eliminate the prejudice “only beautiful people deserve privileges”.

“The privilege of being beautiful can be a privilege, but not all beautiful girls have a perfect life because of beauty. So learn to love yourself, and to see it positively is the way to minimize the problems. Perks are only about looks,” Allii said.

Minh Phuong (According to Dailymail, Nypost)


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