Is a curved sofa suitable for your home?

Curved sofa is being considered a new trend in interior design in 2022, but like other furniture products, it is not a “can be placed” item.

Stephanie Lindsey, an expert at design firm Etch Design Group (Texas, USA) a curved sofa takes up more space than you think. Therefore, you should not only measure the space to see if the sofa will fit, but also check if it is suitable for your space.

Curved sofa is only suitable for rooms with large space, interior design in mid-century style. Photo: Etch Design Group.

A traditional sofa (L, U, I… ) can be placed into the living room space easily, for example placed in the middle of the house, close to the wall… then a curved sofa is placed. more difficult questions.

“A curved sofa can create ‘pockets’, ‘noches’ in the overall design of the room. So measure carefully before you buy,” says Lindsey. In addition, according to the designers of the Decorist site, curved sofas can also be difficult to pair with other seats and do not create a maximum sitting area. Curved sofa is also a difficult question if you want to combine with carpet. In general, classic rugs are only suitable for rectangular sofas.

The advantage of curved sofas is high aesthetics, making it a prominent decoration in the house. Therefore, the overall room needs support so that the curved sofa becomes the focal point. This product is suitable for large spaces, most of which are placed in the middle of the room, creating visual effects from all angles.

According to Lindsey: “Curved sofas give a regal feel to the space, especially if it’s velvet.” If your home is designed in a mid-century style, a curved sofa is a perfect suggestion.

Another caveat when choosing curved sofas is that they don’t go well with patterned fabric/leather. According to Lindsay, patterns can make a curved sofa look messy. Therefore, it is advisable to choose plain fabrics or simple, elegant colors.

Thuy Linh (According to Thespruce)


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