Iron & Stone – shampoo that combines essential oils, perfumes

Iron & Stone combines Pro-vitamin B5 and ginseng to help nourish men’s hair, scalp, clean, soft, and confident to express personality.

Products of LIXCO – The company has a history of nearly half a century in the consumer goods industry. The team of experts at LIXCO has continuously searched for essences and ingredients to create the complete formula, which is strictly tested by the leading specialized centers in the cosmetic field.

Iron & Stone essential oil bath and shampoo set.

Iron & Stone combines Pro-vitamin B5 and precious ginseng to bring a feeling of deep clean, nourishing hair, and smooth skin The product is a combination of natural essential oils and fragrances carefully selected by leading perfumers, through the intensive research process of aromatherapy.

Blue Ocean and Woody Space are the first two high-end incense lines in the Iron & Stone product collection launched to the market. With a delicate combination of the freshness of essential oils and a warm bit of masculine fragrance, Iron & Stone hopes to bring Vietnamese men a breakthrough fragrance solution, thereby helping to dispel fatigue, create positive energy after a long day.

Iron & Stone - Innovation with a message of change for breakthrough and success.

Iron & Stone – Innovation with the message of “change for breakthrough and success”.

New products are sold at retail stores in the market and e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Sendo, Lazada, Tiki, … and officially distributed at Co-op Mart supermarkets. nationwide. Customers can see more information about the product on

Iron & Stone - Inspiration with creative inspiration message.

Iron & Stone Inspiration with the message “Inspiration for creativity”.

Over the past time, the team of experts at LIXCO has continuously searched for essences and tested products for a long time to bring complete products from packaging to quality.

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Iron & Stone – “Vietnamese men live true Vietnamese quality”, for details, visit Fanpage.


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