Irène Jacob: “I have the impression of entering a dandruff accelerator”

The cross : When and how did you agree to take on this responsibility?

Irene Jacob : I have often come to this festival. I presented films there. I have Lyon ties. My grandparents lived in Lyon, my father grew up here. The board of directors thought of me this summer and elected me on September 30th. I had never imagined having such a function but when it was offered to me, I was immediately grateful for this magnificent gift.

It is a great emotion for me to participate in this beautiful and strong cinema adventure. I worked a lot with film libraries, accompanying the films in which I played. Here, we present the films as we present a friend. I really like the energy deployed in Lyon to find films, show them, make them discover. The Lumière Institute is like a land of welcome for lost films that we find, that we take care of and that benefit from a new life. The directors are very touched to see that the films are taken so well.

Do you have specific desires and ambitions?

IJ: Sure. But first I have to fully understand the momentum of this house, examine what has already been undertaken and fit into it. I have a place to find that I do not yet know, within a very energetic team.

I want to continue to open this house to all audiences. There we went to hospitals and prisons. To invest even more in certain neighborhoods. To continue to develop the Rue du Premier-Film. I will participate in welcoming artists and presentations.

Isn’t Bertrand Tavernier’s shadow too heavy when he arrives?

IJ: On the contrary. For me, his memory is not a shadow but a ray of sunshine and a force of energy. I have the impression of entering, following him, into a dandruff accelerator. This place has been so vibrant for forty years desires, desires, inspiration… Bertrand will always be present in our choices, in the emotion and generosity that were his. It is up to us to know how to make the immense heritage he bequeaths us fruitful.


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