Investigation procedure: Corona aid fraud in Lower Saxony

Hanover – At the beginning of the corona pandemic, the federal and state governments wanted to help entrepreneurs in financial emergencies with quick, unbureaucratic help. But that also attracted fraudsters …

The judiciary in Lower Saxony continues to work on investigating fraud cases in the case of Corona emergency aid. As of the beginning of October, the number of preliminary investigations at the public prosecutor’s offices rose to 1052 cases, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice in Hanover. In the previous month there were 916 cases.

The known amount of damage is currently just under 8.2 million euros – a month earlier it was 7.4 million euros. The sum of the temporarily secured funds increased from almost 600,000 euros to around 837,000 euros.

In 64 cases charges have already been brought or a penalty order has been issued. According to the ministry, twelve procedures have been legally concluded. The Hanover public prosecutor’s office conducts most preliminary investigations with 427 proceedings, followed by Hildesheim with 121 and Braunschweig with 91 proceedings.

▶ The Corona emergency aid consisted of grants that solo self-employed persons, freelancers, small businesses and micro-businesses could apply to NBank by May 31, 2020.

This was intended to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic. In addition, until the end of September, members of the liberal professions and small businesses had the opportunity to apply for a “Lower Saxony liquidity loan”, which was granted by the NBank in the amount of up to 50,000 euros without collateral.


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