Investigation closed: Suspected attack on bouillon unsolved

St. Wendel – The investigations into the suspicion of attempted murder have now been discontinued by the public prosecutor’s office in Saarbrücken. Anyone who loosened the wheel bolts on Saar Interior Minister Klaus Bouillon (73, CDU) remains unsolved.

Extensive investigations, according to the public prosecutor’s office, would not have revealed any evidence of the identity of a possible perpetrator.

On May 5, 2020, Bouillon stopped his Audi A 8 Quattro after an error message. It was found that the wheel bolts on all four wheels were loosened (BILD reported).

The General Prosecutor’s Office assumes “that there is a high probability that the wheel bolts were loosened manually”. There were no indications for the existence of technical defects or assembly errors. The further investigations did not lead to indications of the perpetrators.

Press spokesman Mario Krah: “In particular, witnesses interrogated could not provide any relevant information. Further traces could not be saved. ”

Since, according to the public prosecutor, there were no further investigations, the proceedings were discontinued.

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Source: BILD



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