InterSystems: data management optimized for the healthcare sector

Digital continues to transform the global economy. To adapt and offer offers in line with the market, companies must have reliable and efficient tools and services. InterSystems supports organizations in their digital transformation in order to better exploit their data and become more efficient.

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40 years of experience in healthcare and digital

Founded in the United States in 1978, InterSystems has always cultivated a forward-thinking vision. Technology being at the heart of its activity, the company has evolved in the same direction as the expansion of digital. Its legitimacy in the field of information technology has enabled it to acquire the status of a world leader. Chaired by Carlos Jaime since 2017, InterSystems France applies the values ​​and innovative approach of the group on French territory. Expert in software publishing, InterSystems’s mission is to support players in health, commerce and distribution, logistics, financial or public services in their digital transformation. The challenge: to provide them with innovative technological and application solutions. The tools developed by InterSystems increase employee productivity tenfold by making the most of their potential.

Cutting-edge technology and business expertise: cornerstones of the InterSystems offer

Based on its experience, InterSystems has deployed four complementary and intuitive products.

InterSystems IRIS

This unified data management platform offers storage, interoperability, real-time data analysis, and tools to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into applications on a single platform. Actors from all walks of life thus have the opportunity to access a refined technology, more accessible and with a better return on investment. The platform is the technological base for applications developed by more than 1,500 publishers around the world and in many business sectors such as health, commerce and distribution, logistics, financial services and even public authorities.

InterSystems IRIS for Health

This platform is specialized in the exploitation and analysis of health data. In the same logic as Intersystems, management is carried out from a single base. This version natively integrates the standards and profiles dedicated to health.

InterSystems TrackCare

TrakCare is an integrated computerized patient record. The objective is to manage the care path of a patient in its entirety, taking care of the administration, the clinic, the medical and the paramedical. It covers a large number of specialties, from psychiatry to intensive care, and offers a patient portal and decision support tools. TrakCare is used by more than 800 hospital groups around the world serving more than 100 million patients.

InterSystems HealthShare

This Unified Medical Record of a territory makes it possible to aggregate all the health data, to share information, to optimize the care pathways and to better manage the health of a population within a territory. The software was recognized as the best interoperability platform by KLAS in 2020

  Data management optimized for the healthcare sector

Data management optimized for the healthcare sector nterSystems

A major role in the health sector

Offering a complete and easy-to-use work environment makes InterSystems the benchmark player in the healthcare sector. In 2015, Carlos Jaime chaired the Digital Health Commission of the Medicen competitiveness cluster in Paris and the region. This appointment allows InterSystems to confirm its leadership position by encouraging French and European collaborative projects.

An ambitious group

InterSystems is one of the leaders in health information technologies, in France and around the world. Despite its fame, the group does not rest on its achievements. It is constantly working to consolidate and improve its solutions to give meaning to the data that surrounds us. Its expertise in data management makes InterSystems a unique partner in the exploitation of healthy and particularly qualitative data. InterSystems is thus positioning itself as a benchmark in the French healthcare ecosystem and an important player in the development of digital healthcare.


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