Internet speed is troubling, these 5 tips will increase Wi-Fi speed

Since the Corona crisis, most people are doing work from home. In such a situation, if the net becomes slow even for a while, then a big problem arises. Today we are telling you some easy tips with the help of which you can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.

better location

  • Wi-Fi location matters. It sends signals only for a limited distance.
  • Wi-Fi speed is hampered by many things. For example – walls or furniture.
  • Signals are also disturbed by radio waves coming from other devices like microphones and Bluetooth speakers.
  • The router should be placed either in the center of the house or where you access the Internet.

Adjust the Router’s Antenna

  • Some routers have antennas inside the body, but some routers have an adjustable antenna.
  • To send the Wi-Fi signal to multiple floors, set the antenna horizontally. This helps the Wi-Fi signal to go up and down.

Shut down devices and restart

  • Turn off the router, modem and then on. Every device needs a break.
  • Turn off any devices that are connected to Wi-Fi and then restart.
  • The modem translates the Internet signal received between your home network and the ISP.
  • It is a good idea to reset the model when internet speed is slow.

Extend your Wi-Fi network

  • The Wi-Fi is perfectly fine, it is placed in the center of the house, still the network problem is coming.
  • To overcome this problem, you have to add a device to it which can fix the network problem.
  • Place a Wi-Fi Booster between the router and the dead zone.
  • You can also use powerline extender kit.

whyfi Signal app

  • Android users can check Wi-Fi signal through WiFi Analyzer app.
  • Users can check the visible network by going to the app.
  • Your network strength information will be listed as dBm.

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