Internet is not required for navigation, run Google Maps like this in offline mode

Google Maps is present in all of our smartphones. Now we do not need to ask people to go to any new place, just Google Maps is enough. But for this it is very important to have internet in the phone. Many times we do not have internet due to running out of net pack or network problem. So how will Google Maps work? Here we are going to tell you how to use Google Maps offline.

Actually, on Google Maps, you are given the facility to save any location or area. However, you will have to deal with this work only when the internet is running in the phone. Later you can use this saved data in offline mode. This method does this on both Android and iOS smartphones. Let’s know its method.

How to Play Google Maps in Offline Mode

Step 1: Open Google Maps app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Then tap on your profile picture in the top left and select ‘Offline Maps’.

Step 3: After that tap on ‘Select your own map’ and choose the place where you are going.

Step 4: After this the map will be downloaded and you can access it offline as well.

To use Google Maps without internet, the map must be stored on your smartphone. The special thing is that whenever you connect the phone to Wi-Fi, the downloaded maps will be updated automatically.

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