Interior decoration with pictures according to feng shui

The ancients used paintings, statues, towers, etc. to beautify the living space and create a positive influence on health and career.

Before 2010, when excavating some relics of Thang Long citadel in Ly class, relics of Ly – Tran dynasties in Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Tay… archaeologists have found hundreds of Leaves-shaped bricks, Van Xuong tower, idols, mascots, terracotta table lamps. Experts say that these are feng shui items that are widely used in social life, on the basis of compliance with the principles of the five elements, azimuth and objects.

An important requirement when using pictures, statues and feng shui items is that materials, shapes and colors must have a five-element relationship in which materials play a decisive role. For example, the bronze (needle) and wooden (wooden) Van Xuong tower corresponds to the water star Van Xuong. These factors combine to create the relationship of aquatic life, aquatic wood, in which the material is aquatic needles and aquatic plants.

Pictures are an integral part of the home’s aesthetic. Illustration:

The common themes of paintings and statues are Buddha gods, mascots, famous characters, word paintings (calligraphy), carp, chamois, cypress birds, hundreds of tuan maps, bowls of tuan maps, tuong cranes, and bars. Long Hy Chau, Peony, Painted Water, Paintings of Four Quarters, Four Gentlemen, Paintings of the Zodiac…

About colors and shapes, patterns: Black, blue, the five elements belong to water; white, yellow (needle); blue (wood), yellow brown (earth), red (fire). Square (or square pattern) earth element, circle or oval (needle), rectangle (wood), wavy (water), rhombus, tower (fire).

According to feng shui experts, paintings and statues only need to be hung (placed) in accordance with the five elements of the direction in architectural space: the northwest belongs to metal, the north belongs to water, the northeast belongs to earth, the east belongs to wood , the southeast direction belongs to wood, the south direction belongs to fire, the southwest direction belongs to earth, the west direction belongs to metal.

Each of the above-mentioned azimuths is governed by a star, the five elements of the star correspond to or coexist with the five elements of the azimuth: the Northwest direction is governed by the star Luc Bach (Kim), the North direction is governed by the star Nhat Bach (wood). North-east direction is Bat Bach star (earth), East direction is Tam spang star (wood), Southeast direction is Tu Luc star (water), South direction is Cuu Tu star (fire), southwest direction is Nhi black (earth), direction is West direction. Sagittarius (needle).

The best combination option is “using biochemical killing”. For example, in a house in the East and the West (carving, metal carving wood), Trach Van always has ups and downs, unstable, so hanging charming paintings with the main color is navy blue, creating a metallic relationship. (to the West) aquatic life (picture) and aquatic (picture) birth wood in the East.

Offices, offices, restaurants, shops should hang large pictures, bright colors, dignified atmosphere, lively themes. Agencies, units, hospitals, medical examination and treatment establishments use the main type of paintings of the five elements belonging to earth – metal; Schools, research agencies, diplomatic agencies, cultural agencies, production and business units use statues with the five elements belonging to water and wood as the main theme.

Private houses, bedrooms should choose pictures of the five elements belonging to the earth, warm and quiet colors; the reading room selects carp, peony, and horse paintings; living room choose charming paintings; The worship room chooses paintings of pine cranes or paintings with warm, dignified tones.

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai


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