Inseparable to death – sheriff and mini police dog die on the same day

Inseparable to death – sheriff and mini police dog die on the same day

Geauga County, Ohio, Sheriff Dan McClelland and his mini police dog were inseparable – and that to their death.

The 67-year-old American and his partner with the cold muzzle Midge (16) both died on Wednesday. McClelland lost his battle with cancer in a hospital. Only a few hours later, his dog died in his home – probably of a broken heart, as former colleagues of the two suspect.

McClelland served his county for 44 years. The last 13 years of that as a sheriff. He retired in 2016.

“Usually a drug dog is a German shepherd,” explains current sheriff Scott Hildenbrand. “The problem is, however, that you put the big German Shepherd in a car to look, and he is kind of clumsy.”

So it was Ex-Sheriff McClelland’s idea to train small dogs to search for drugs in cars. So he got the little Midge. And yes, even if she didn’t look like that, she was a trained police drug dog. The mini dog went wherever its big colleagues couldn’t.

How Midge became a star

And Midge, in turn, didn’t just become a state-certified drug bitch – she became a little star too! The animal mini-officer made it into “People Magazine” and “Playboy”.

▶ ︎ The Guinness Book of Records celebrated Midge as the smallest police dog in the world.

The police colleagues from McClelland and his Midge describe both as “inseparable”. “The bitch was with him around the clock. She was with him all day. She came with every meeting he went to. ”

When the family got home after the ex-sheriff’s death, they found Midge. But she was also dead. It is assumed that she died of kidney failure shortly after her master.


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