Ingolstadt – Killer wrote SMS after the act: “I probably killed Petra”

Ingolstadt – Bleeding and with a knife in her back, Petra B. († 38) crawled to her neighbor on the morning of September 2, 2020. There the cleaning lady from Wolnzach choked on her inhaled blood at around 9.35 a.m.

Meanwhile, her partner Jan S. (40) calmly typed a text message to his “Maminka” in Slovakia: “Excuse me, I probably killed Petra”, he wrote at 9:05 am.

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Now the caretaker has to answer for murder at the Ingolstadt district court. He is said to have insidiously attacked Petra B. in her sleep with a 20 centimeter long kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed her.

“I killed her, that is the most important thing,” he said in his first interrogation at the criminal investigation department. Now he is silent and lets his lawyer present gaps in his memory: “Both had bought heroin and crystal meth before the crime, so something was probably wrong.”

The victim’s legs, shoulders and back were covered with punctures. Not the first time that Petra B. is said to have been attacked by Jan S.

“We got the picture of a tense relationship that lived in extremes,” said Chief Inspector Klaus S. (34) on Thursday. “In February she broke her foot, and later she had a black eye. The injured party told witnesses at the time that she ran into a cupboard. “

But outwardly, she and Jan S. showed themselves as a couple in love holding hands. In their chats it was sometimes “You are disgusting” and sometimes “Darling, we have to give it all the gas for the three days of birding, we have to take advantage of my fertile days”.

In Slovakia, Jan S. has already been sentenced to eleven and a half years imprisonment for stealing jewelery, breaking and entering into heroin, and in Austria six years for breaking into a car. Now he faces life imprisonment for insidious murder. The verdict is due to be pronounced on October 1st.


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