Ingelheim: brother of corona infected celebrates in mosque

Ingelheim – Exactly such cases drive up the number of infections: A young person celebrated his 18th birthday in the Ingelheim Mosque (Rhineland-Palatinate) – although he knew that his brother had Corona!

In doing so, he risked the health of friends, family and countless believers. Because he ignored the quarantine order, among other things, he is now threatened with a number of administrative offenses and possibly even criminal charges.

The police had received a tip on Friday around 8:59 p.m. that the mosque would be celebrating – although the birthday child’s brother tested positive for Covid 19.

On site, the officers met men upstairs and women in the basement. There was music. Nobody wore a mask. After all, the women had opened the windows and kept their distance. When the men saw the police officers, they tried to flee – in vain. All checked – including the young man who was celebrating his eighteenth birthday.

The birthday child confirms the corona infection of the brother with whom he lives in a household. His excuse: Allegedly, he has not had any contact with him for a few days. Celebration ended, 18-year-old sent home. Hand over all data to the health department.

The chairman of the mosque association was shocked. He locked the building and ordered a thorough cleaning.

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