INFO OBS. Veolia’s pressure to intimidate economist Elie Cohen

Friday, December 4, at 8 p.m., when it is time to eat, the doorbell rings at the home of economist Elie Cohen. His wife opens and, surprise, finds herself face to face with a bailiff. He hands her an interpellative summons for her husband. It was sent to him by Veolia and left 48 hours for the CNRS research director to explain his links with Suez.

Veolia-Suez: in the pipes of the water war

“I remind you that you recently spoke in the media about the ongoing Veolia / Suez operation”, starts the mail. Elie Cohen is indeed one of the few specialists in industrial economics. He has been a member of several boards of directors, consulted by all governments and he is very often asked about business mergers or about the plans of such and such companies. He is one of the regular guests of the show “C dans l’air” on France 5.

“However, on the occasion of these media interventions, you presented yourself as a research director at the CNRS, without further details”, continues the mail, which goes on to the “summons” to respond, within 48 hours.

“ARE YOU, directly or indirectly, RELATED TO SUEZ SA OR ANY OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES OR SUB-SUBSIDIARIES under the terms of an agreement of any kind whatsoever, written

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