INFO OBS. This French biotech intends to “hide” acne

Do you despair of traditional acne remedies that are ineffective or completely dry out the skin? Take back hope: a small French biotechnology company, Eligo Bioscience, is exploring a very innovative preventive and therapeutic avenue likely to completely revolutionize this market.

This is in any case the bet of its co-founder and CEO, Xavier Duportet, who was able to convince the British multinational pharmacy GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, known for its drugs Augmentin, Clamoxyl, Ventoline, is one of the top ten pharmaceutical groups worldwide) to sign a research and development agreement with a potential value of $ 224 million in licensing fees and milestone payments, not including royalties on sales of the drug if successful.

“Our pioneering therapy, based on CRISPR genetic scissors, aims to eliminate in a targeted manner the only bacteria in the skin microbiome responsible for inflammatory acne lesions”, explains the entrepreneur about this partnership, announced today on the sidelines of JP Morgan’s prestigious annual conference on medical sciences in San Francisco.

DNA breaking scissors


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