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Thursday January 7, the commercial court of Melun pronounces the judicial liquidation of the leather goods manufacturer Collaert of Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry. The customers of the SME, who are crumbling under stocks following the confinements, no longer order its belts and other bags. Covid drama. Fortunately, the wages are still paid. At the request of the legal representatives, the Association for the Management of the Employee Claims Guarantee Scheme or AGS is advancing the necessary funds since the receivership … The 39 employees who have lost their jobs are at least guaranteed to complete their end of months.

“If the restaurants remain closed until the end of the year, it will be dramatic”

Problem: today, even as the Covid-19 crisis is preparing to devastate the French economic fabric, the functioning of this important social shock absorber is threatened! A project which, behind the scenes, is the subject of an astonishing battle for influence.

In its technical aspects, the subject masks a major economic and social stake. Let us resume: the AGS is a bizarre body as only French law can produce: in the event of collective proceedings (safeguard, reorganization or judicial liquidation), this solidarity fund (managed by an ad hoc delegation from Unedic AGS, the DUA) immediately available to agents to continue to remunerate employees and pay them their allowances. An expert in the case explains:

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