INFO OBS. Carrefour offers 60 million for the buyout of Bio c’Bon

The battle rages on. Bio c’Bon, a brand specializing in organic food, filed for bankruptcy at the end of August. Since then, the various candidates have been at loggerheads, pending the hearing of the Paris Commercial Court, scheduled for Friday, October 16. The rivals had until midnight Tuesday, October 13 to submit their enhanced takeover offers. The Naturalia / Bernardo Sanchez Incera tandem having thrown in the towel, a few partial offers and three global offers remain in the running: those of the duo Biocoop and Marcel & Fils, of the Zouari family and of Carrefour. These all undertake to take over all or almost all of the employees and stores, but are guided by separate strategies.

Biocoop has been promoting, from the start, the legitimacy of the cooperative on the organic market, which it has greatly contributed to structuring for thirty years and which constitutes 100% of its activity. Soraya and Moez-Alexandre Zouari, shareholders at 44.5% of Picard and franchise owners of hundreds of Franprix and Monop ‘supermarkets (Casino group), cajole the “small carriers” Bio c’Bon. These 2,850 shareholders have invested 100 million euros with the promise of a 7% return, and are now at risk of being left with their mouths in the water. With the Zouari, they could hold up to 15% of the capital of the new holding company created, without additional investment on their part, and then leave it, subject to conditions, after six years. The association of small

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