Infanticide: Defendant suddenly arrested in the courtroom

Hall – Axel H. (28) has been standing before the regional court in Halle since Wednesday. He is said to be responsible for the death of Finn Elias K. († 1). The investigation was extremely complex and lengthy. Five years after the crime, the public prosecutor wants to put the man behind bars for manslaughter.

“I did not commit the acts …”, the defendant claimed on the first day of the trial.

The surprising turning point on Friday: on the second day of the trial, six police officers storm into the courtroom and arrest Axel H. The reviewers had just announced that little Finn-Elias (1) had been abused anally before his death.

Little Finn (1) was only one year old. He is said to have been crushed to death by his mother’s boyfriend



Witness Janice S., who was supposed to be questioned on the first day of the trial, was on the stand: “I had a relationship with the defendant.” She ended the relationship when she heard that Axel H. was abusing her young son.

An expert opinion that was only presented to the court on Friday confirms that traces of semen in the anal area had been secured on the infant’s corpse.

The proceedings were interrupted at 2.10 p.m. On the instructions of the presiding judge, police officers and judicial officers appear and handcuff Alex H.

The trial will continue on July 27th.


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