Indonesia: Cruel cruelty to animals! Monkeys are tortured for money

They set monkeys on fire, broken their bones, tortured and killed them – for a few hundred dollars.

These are disturbing images that are said to have been publicly available on platforms such as YouTube and, according to two animal welfare organizations, still are.

The animal welfare organizations “Action for Primates” and “Lady Freethinker” have now revealed that Internet users, through private groups, commission people in Indonesia to torture monkeys for money according to their wishes and to film their suffering. The horrible recordings are said to be available for $ 150 (the equivalent of around 127 euros).

The video material that the organizations claim to have backed up is deeply shocking. Macaques – and their babies too – are abused, mistreated and also killed.

As the animal rights activists report, the monkeys are caught on the Indonesian island of Java. Clients can pay for their “own private monkey” or for a so-called “community monkey”.

The disgusting pictures are unbearable. You can see how the fur of the living animals is scorched on a grill, how their limbs are cut off, how their bones are broken while screaming in pain.

According to their own statements, the two animal welfare organizations have informed YouTube, Facebook Telegram and the video platform Forumation about the terrible cruelty to animals. Forumation has blocked the corresponding profiles according to its own information and reported the users to the police. The profiles should still be active on the other platforms.


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