Indian female artist paints a picture to raise funds for Vietnamese children

Three paintings by artist with Down syndrome Karishma Kannan will be sold to support cancer patients and disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Understanding and empathizing with the plight of the pediatric patient, Indian artist Karishma, 30 years old, painted and sent it back to Vietnam through the contest “For a Vietnam to win” as a spiritual encouragement gift. for little children.

Karishma’s three landscape paintings are painted on canvas, representing the artist’s liberal spirit and love for life.

Through her paintings, the female artist hopes to spread positive energy to help children overcome all difficulties and challenges, and aim for better things in life. She said: “I am very happy that the contest ‘For a Vietnam to win’ has created the conditions for me to do this meaningful work. I hope my paintings can help children in Vietnam to some extent. have more energy”.

“Twilight” is a painting inspired by the sunset in India.

Starting to draw more than 10 years ago, the image of nature is the main inspiration in Karishma’s work. In three paintings dedicated to Vietnamese children, Karishma recreates the image of nature through her bright and colorful lens.

The painting “Twilight” was inspired by Karishma’s sunset in his hometown. The artist said the setting sun always makes her soul flutter. The picture is painted with warm colors, sketching the image of a sunset on the lake surface, evoking a feeling of depth and peace.

Bright Bloom Time painting with green color.

The painting “Bloom Time” is bright with blue colors.

The second painting, titled “Bloom Time”, is filled with green, adorned with the orange-red color of Palash flowers, a common flower in northern and central India. When moving from Chennai to Bangalore, Karishma used to walk with her mother on the streets covered with red flowers.

“I see them every day and often talk with my mother about the beauty of Palash flowers. Flowers make me feel more loved and lighter. I drew the picture ‘Bloom Time’ from my love for colorful flowers. color”, the female artist confided.

Painting of Waterfalls

Painting “Waterfalls”.

The last picture Karishma submitted to the contest to draw images of waterfalls in the rainforest. As a lover of nature, the female artist compares the sound of flowing water with the sound of forest wind as a symphony that relaxes the soul.

Karishma shared: “It didn’t take me too long to draw these pictures because they all come from my love. When giving the paintings to the organizers of ‘For a Vietnam to win’, I hope everyone will feel that love.”

Not only presenting paintings for the contest, Karishma Kannan also accompanies as a judge of ‘For a Vietnam to win’. Born with Down syndrome, to become a talented artist, a yoga and meditation teacher, Karishma had to strive to overcome adversity. The 30-year-old painter’s childhood was associated with long periods of intervention and treatment. Also because she was an unlucky child, she understands and always pays special attention to disadvantaged children.

Three paintings by Karishma will be auctioned on Gala night For a win-win Vietnam, taking place on 5/11. All proceeds will be sent to the Hope Fund – VnExpress newspaper to support children with cancer and disadvantaged children in difficult circumstances.

This is not the first time Karishma paints for Vietnamese children. During her 8 years living in HCMC, the female artist held three exhibitions in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In total, more than 100 paintings were sold after three exhibitions and one auction. The works of the Indian artist have helped to light up the life of many children with heart disease, orphans and disabilities in Vietnam.

Indian female artist paints pictures for Vietnamese children - 3

Karishma (red ao dai) raises money for Vietnamese children at the exhibition “Miracle of Karishma”, 2011. Photo: NVCC

After each exhibition, Karishma sets out to directly support the disadvantaged. Although she has left Vietnam for 8 years, the female artist said she still has not forgotten the happy smile of Dang Tuan Kiet’s family in Hue when she was supported with money for heart surgery in 2012. She is still moved when thinking about the picture. photo of baby Le Nhat Phong or Phan Truc Linh lying tired with weak body in the hospital because of congenital heart disease. The artist’s support money has helped the children have a new life.

This time, Karishma felt sorry for not being able to go to Vietnam, directly meet and help the children as before. The paintings are the only way she conveys her love. She said: “I love Vietnam. The last time I donated paintings and met the family of the patient was a long time ago. I really want to go to Vietnam again.”

Karishma’s wish at the moment is that the paintings being auctioned can help many children overcome their adversity. Sending all her love to her works, the female artist said: “I hope everyone is healthy. I just want when the contest ends, I will receive a happy picture of the children’s family. That image. It motivates and makes me more determined on my path.”

“For a Vietnam to win” is a painting and literary contest for children with cancer, fatal diseases, Agent Orange, disabled, disabled, autistic and orphans. The contest was co-organized by the Sun of Hope Program (formerly Mr. Sun), the Hope Foundation and the VnExpress newspaper of Foreign Trade University; VTV Digital sponsors the media. The contest is also accompanied by the Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) – a national postal enterprise assigned by the State to provide public postal services nationwide.

Contest details can be found here.

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