Incredible weapon of the king of clay Nadal: Silence in real life, screaming on the field

Sunday, January 31, 2021 00:15 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Rafael Nadal is quietly preparing for the 2021 Australian Open. As usual, he is always calm and not as noticeable as the way Novak Djokovic came to Australia.

Video Nadal screams on the field:

Novak Djokovic arrived in Australia with controversy when he sent some requests to the organizers of the Australian Open. “Nole” proposed to loosen up to 72 specially quarantined players, because on their flight to Melbourne there was a Covid-19 positive case.

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Rafael Nadal is one of those loud screaming tennis players

Meanwhile, few people pay attention to Rafael Nadal. That is always how the Spaniard prepares for tournaments, big or small. Rafa understands that playing on the field with a must-win record is a tremendous pressure. For that reason, pre- and post-match troubles are unnecessary.

Therefore, it is rare for Rafael Nadal to get involved in a scandal. The thoughtfulness of personality, responsibility in consciousness has helped Nadal have a peaceful and fulfilling life. He may not be as beloved as Federer, but certainly not as hated as Djokovic.

But instead of a quiet Rafa in real life, fans always see a noisy and aggressive Nadal on the field. In the current tennis world, this Spaniard is among the top screaming tennis players, and his screams are also the loudest.

There have been scientific studies that have linked players’ screaming on the pitch with their ability to win a match. Professor Damian Farrow of Deakin University claims there is evidence that a shout can increase the speed of the tee shot by about 5%, calculated to be about 7km / h faster.

In addition, Professor Farrow outlined the studies he experienced that showing that shouting can also distract the opponent when receiving the ball. Rafael Nadal may not need the opponent’s distraction, but screaming can relieve him of the mind while performing a hit.

In tennis, shouting also helps the lungs to stretch, to circulate strong air, helping players absorb more oxygen. And yet, every time a player screams, not only the lungs work, the screams come from the left and right positions of the abdomen. It will strengthen the abdominal muscles, the ability to move better and the shots will be heavier.

According to unofficial reports, players who scream before their rubber touches the ball 0.3 seconds produce a shot that goes 16km / h faster than those who scream slower this time. Besides, the drop point of the ball is also 1.5m farther than normal.

Most of the players, whether class or not, shout more or less while playing. But Nadal is really the “killer” in this field. Therefore, the fans witnessed a calm Rafael Nadal in real life, excellent on the field exploding in many tournaments. As a result, he, together with Roger Federer, owns 20 Grand Slams, who have the most “terrible” title collection in the open era.

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