Increasing craze of foldable smartphone, Xiaomi can launch 3 foldable phones in 2021

This year there was a lot of craze among people regarding the foldable smartphone. In 2020, Samsung and Motorola launched their foldable phones. Now in the year 2021, Xiaomi is preparing to launch its three foldable smartphones. Information has been given by tweeting on behalf of the company. Display supply chain consultants i.e. DSCC CEO Ross Young has given information about this.

According to Young’s tweet, the next foldable smartphone in the market may come from Xiaomi. In 2021, Xiaomi can launch 3 new foldable smartphones in the market. These smartphones can be launched in three design-out folding, in-folding and clamshell. However, no information was given in the tweet about how long these phones can be launched.

However, a report recently came about Xiaomi’s foldable phone, in which information was given about its design and feature. According to the report, the design of Xiaomi’s foldable phone may be similar to the Motorola Razor. With this, HD display will be given in the new phone. The upcoming phone may have a pop-up selfie camera. Xiaomi has also ordered Samsung Display and LG Display for foldable OLED panels of a clamshell type phone. At present, no information has been given by the company about the model and launching of the phone.

Let us tell you that in addition to Xiaomi in the year 2021, Vivo and Samsung are also preparing to launch their foldable phone. Vivo can launch its first foldable phone in the new year. Its design can be very similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold. At the same time, Samsung is also preparing to launch a foldable phone smaller than its old Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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