INAX sold 2.5 million AC / C-504 toilets

Products using leading Japanese technology have many advantages such as helping to treat odors, Aqua Ceramic feature helping to prevent dirt. This helps to maximize the maintenance and cleaning process, bringing a fresh living space, beneficial to the health of the user.

Along with a minimalist modern look, the AC / C-504 toilet has a comfortable seat design for users, which is the result of many rigorous studies, drawing on experience from 100 years of operation in the field of design. hygiene. The product has an eye-catching design, convenient with plenty of space, mid-range price, suitable for Vietnamese people’s income.

INAX toilets are a familiar brand present in the bathrooms of Vietnamese families. Image: INAX.

Bringing 2.5 million AC / C-504 toilets to Vietnamese families is the result of the efforts of the Japanese sanitary ware brand. Over the years, with the appearance of many brands of sanitary wares in the market, INAX still affirms its foothold in the hearts of consumers.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Chinh, National Sales Manager of LIXIL Vietnam, which owns the INAX brand, said that nearly two decades ago, the first AC / C-504 toilets were marketed. At that time, for many Vietnamese, the toilet was still a “secondary building”, built separately from the bathroom, far from the main house.

INAX AC / C-504 2-piece toilet model.

INAX AC / C-504 2-piece toilet model. Image: INAX.

The appearance of comfortable toilets contributes to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people. “For INAX, each product is meticulously designed. 15 years of the AC / C-504 toilet seat in the Vietnamese market is also the time when the brand contributes its efforts to equip the Vietnamese life with comfort”, Mr. Nguyen Truong Chinh shared.

Nowadays, along with the development of society, in addition to focusing on the design of the living room, bedroom, and toilet, the homeowner has devoted a lot of attention to the decoration. A space that helps each person wash away dirt, family relax after the end of the day

Le Nguyen

INAX is a 100-year-old brand of bathroom products, sanitary wares and architectural tiles from Japan. Present in Vietnam since 1996, INAX has a nationwide distribution system with more than 8,000 agents, focusing on the popular and mid-end segment with the strength of toilet products and Aqua Ceramic cleaning technology. .

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