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According to Mr. Nguyen Truong Chinh, LIXIL Vietnam National Sales Manager, which owns the INAX brand, before the massive “invasion” of counterfeit goods, INAX, with quality, sophisticated designs still stand. and asserted its position. The event of the milestone of 2.5 million AC / C-504 toilets sold on the market is a testament to the trust of customers in the sanitary ware brand from Japan.

With the sales milestone of 2.5 million units, the INAX AC / C-504 series has become the toilet trusted by millions of Vietnamese. From the very first days on the market 15 years ago, the toilet model conquered the demanding customers thanks to the subtle design points such as minimalistic angular, making it easy to clean. The designers of the rising sun calculate the height of the product intelligently, suitable with the stature of the Vietnamese, helping users to comfortably.

The features of the 504 toilet plus the affordable price for the mainstream consumer. AC / C-504 owns the powerful Vortex vortex technology that removes dirt, saves water, helps reduce costs, and is environmentally friendly. With the Aqua Ceramic (AC) line, the high-grade ceramic surface prevents the formation of yellow stains, stagnant water on the ceramic surface in the toilet bowl, reducing the need to clean the toilet regularly, reducing the use of cleaning chemicals, protect health.

The INAX AC-504 is suitable for a variety of bathroom spaces.

The brand representative added that in recent years, the toilet equipment market in general and toilets in particular have suffered fierce competition from poor quality Chinese goods. The price is low, the designs imitate the famous brands in a sophisticated way that makes buyers easy to fall. Cheap comes with phony, these products quickly degrade, fail, leak water loss or handle bad odors, causing consumers to spend time repairing or replacing them.

Anh Quoc An (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) shared: “Previously, because I obeyed the seller, I bought 2 fake INAX toilets and then all day worked on handling the water leak with bad smell. experience, so now I only buy the right items at genuine dealers “.

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Currently, Mr. An’s bathroom installs INAX 504 toilet and advises his relatives to use this toilet because of good discharge feature, beautiful design, suitable for many spaces.

INAX is a 100-year-old brand of bathroom products, sanitary wares and architectural tiles from Japan. Present in Vietnam since 1996, INAX has a nationwide distribution system with more than 8,000 agents, focusing on the popular and mid-end segment with the strength of toilet products and Aqua Ceramic cleaning technology. .

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