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The organizers of “Dream Bathroom” give free bathroom renovation to Ms. Nguyen Thi Un, 78 years old.

Ms. Un, Vinh Bao, Hai Phong is the third lucky person to receive a free bathroom renovation from “Dream bathroom” by online newspaper. VnExpress and INAX organization. Before that, the program to renovate bathrooms for 8 families living in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and families of doctors and nurses at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Program “Bathroom in the dream” renovated for 8 families in the old town.

In an article on the column “Dream bathroom”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan, grandson of Mrs. Un, said that she is a martyr’s wife, her life is a lot of hardship, and alone raising her children. Now, when her children grow up, having her own family, she chooses to live alone. She said: “She is old, very difficult, so it’s convenient to stay alone”.

Every time Ms. Ngan came to visit her, she stepped into the bathroom again. The bathroom is very small, has no ventilation fan, is old and sketchy. Looking at her stooping figure to step into personal hygiene, Ms. Ngan feared her falling because the floor was very slippery.

“I always wish to help her renovate that bathroom, so that she can use it easily and safely regardless of day or night. But due to the unfavorable economic conditions, I have to leave it behind. I wish to see. Her happy smile when using a clean, comfortable bathroom for the first time, “wrote Ms. Ngan. See the article “Dream baths” for her here.

Mrs. Un's bathroom has deteriorated after many years of use.  Photo: Giang Chinh.

Mrs. Un’s bathroom has deteriorated after years of use. Image: Giang Chinh.

Based on the practicality and emotion of the nephew for her grandmother and the desire for the elderly to have a comfortable living space, the program decided to give free bathroom renovation. Currently, architects come to survey, calculate materials, design styles … The journey of renovation is expected to be broadcast on VnExpress on October 16.

Currently, the program is still looking for the owner of 3 free bathroom renovation sessions. The organizers choose based on the criteria of authenticity, meaning, emotion, necessity … Famous architects and the organizers will conduct a field survey at the home to receive bathroom remodeling . The repair process includes: exchanging details about the needs of homeowners, architects to design new, dismantling, construction, and installation of equipment.

The architects of the program come to survey, conduct construction.

The architects of the program come to survey, conduct construction. Image: Giang Chinh

The family bathroom is designed based on the intended use and aesthetics of the homeowner such as: Japanese style, green lifestyle, convenience with sanitary, smart, energy-saving equipment … Actual survey, bathroom renovation will be recorded by video, article posted above VnExpress with the content conveying the message of building an aesthetic and comfortable living space.

The “dream bathroom” has a total value of up to 500 million VND. The program will receive readers’ shares until October 31st here.

Join the program, readers submit articles about personal and family stories, reasons for wanting to refurbish the bathroom with up to 1,500 words in Vietnamese, attach at least 3 pictures in JPEG or JPG format, size 640×480 px or higher, with a content caption describing the current state of the bathroom. Video (if any) with duration not exceeding 3 minutes, flv or mp4 format. You fill in the information including: full name, email, phone number, contact address.

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