In winter, many types of problems come in mobile, do not take any carelessness

Mobile Tips for Winter : Snowfall in the hilly areas has dropped the temperature significantly in the plains. People are troubled by the cold. People are taking a lot of care to protect themselves from winter and to keep the body healthy, but in the midst of all this, in today’s time, people do not pay attention to the important thing related to themselves. Yes, this important thing is mobile. Actually, the effect of cold also affects the health of your mobile. That is, if the mobile is not taken care of in winter, then there can be many problems in it too. Let us tell you some measures, by adopting which your mobile will remain fit in the cold.

which problem comes

1. Effect on Battery

According to experts, as long as the temperature says 0 degree Celsius, your phone works fine. At the same time, when the temperature reaches minus, the battery of the smartphone starts dying. As the temperature goes down, so does your smartphone’s battery. According to experts, lithium-ion batteries are used in most phones. When the mercury falls, their internal electrical resistance increases. Due to this the battery capacity starts decreasing.

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2. Problem on screen too

In winter, there are many problems in the screen of the mobile. Actually, when the temperature goes down, the screen of the phone starts getting blurry. Due to this, the text and picture visible on the phone are also not clearly visible.

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3. Problem for the speaker

Fog is common in winter. If you are going out of the house somewhere in the fog and suddenly someone’s call comes, then there is a danger of talking for a long time during that time. Actually, during this time due to dew, the speaker of your phone can be damaged.

what to take precautions

If you want to keep the mobile away from the problems mentioned above in winter, then you should follow these steps.

  • Do not leave your phone outside in cold weather for a long time.
  • If you want to keep the phone properly, then try to keep it in a warm jacket.
  • Apart from this, you can also keep the phone in a good cover, this will keep its temperature right.
  • If you are going on a long trip, then keep your phone connected to a power bank.
  • Keeping the phone in the pocket is more beneficial. You can also put a good case on the phone.
  • Do not take the phone out for a long time even in a foggy place. Due to this moisture starts coming in the phone.


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