In the victim’s bed – gangster couple has sex while the woman next door dies

A gangster couple from the USA will soon have to answer for murder in court. Inconceivable: Brinlee Denison (25) and Nicholas Johnson (28) had sex in the victim’s bed, while Sarah Maguire († 29) died in an adjoining room. Apparently the murder is an act of jealousy.

As reported by several US media, the Tulsa (Oklahoma) police knocked on Friday as part of a routine check on the 29-year-olds on the door. Because Maguire did not answer, the officers entered and found her body in the living room. The skull and face were smashed.

Investigators quickly found out that the woman’s car and credit cards had been stolen. Brinlee Denison and Nicholas Johnson were arrested the very next day for transferring money to their own accounts online.

In prison, the gangster couple made a full confession. Files show how the January 4th murder played out: Johnson was in a relationship with Denison, but also had something with the later victim. Because the current partner was furious with jealousy, the two drove to Sarah Maguire and beat her to death with a crowbar.

Wrong: Nicholas Johnson testified that he and Denison “had sex in the victim’s bed after the murder” and that “he could still hear the victim fighting for his life in the living room while he had sex with Denison in the bedroom “. He stressed that he knew Maguire was still alive.

Brinlee Denison and Nicholas Johnson are currently in jail in the state of Arkansas where they drove the stolen car. You are due to be transferred to Oklahoma shortly. The bail was set at one million US dollars each.

The murdered sister’s sister shared a touching post on Facebook. There she wrote: “Our family has suffered a catastrophic loss this week. My sister Sarah lost her life in a senseless act of violence. ”Jamie Maguire then thanked Tulsa Police officers for their work.


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