In the US: cannibal eats 70-year-olds “to heal his brain”

Horror Act in the USA!

James David Russell (39) is accused of having killed David Flaget († 70) and then partially eating. Several US media reports on this.

The two men are said to have quarreled with each other several times. At the beginning of September the situation had apparently escalated, whereupon Russell is said to have killed the pensioner. Police found body parts in the 39-year-old’s house, as well as a blood-smeared microwave and the alleged murder weapon, a knife.

Russell is currently in custody and is on trial for murder and cannibalism. Actually, the process should have started in October, but the alleged human eater had been declared incapable of standing. Experts prepared a psychological report, the result of which, however, was not communicated publicly.

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According to Phillip Stella, this is the first such indictment in the state of Idaho. The policeman called the act “a slaughter” and “a shock to our conscience”. The accused’s family had sufficient evidence that the 39-year-old was a danger to himself and others.

Court documents show that Russell ate parts of the 70-year-old because he said he believed it would “heal his brain.” After Christmas, James David Russell is due to appear again in court, and another hearing is scheduled for December 28th.

The murder took place in the 500-soul village of Clark Fork. Idaho has a law that “anyone who deliberately ingests a person’s flesh or blood is guilty of cannibalism.” The paragraph has existed since 1990.


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